ESOP Fiduciary Training

Years ago, we asked our top ESOP advisors to develop our content, course, and module structure with an ESOP company manager in mind. These bright minds of the ESOP industry included attorneys, company valuators, ESOP administrators, ESOP independent trustees – along with many other professional advisors. Every year since then, we reviewed the course for changes in fiduciary matters. You can find our list of current and past faculty on our site.

This is not open to anyone who signs up. You may need references or referrals to enter.


Our ESOP Internal Trustee Training Program is designed for members of the board of directors and their internal trustees, who have a higher level of fiduciary responsibility for the operation of their company. This level of responsibility is much higher than a basic fiduciary, because directors select and appoint both basic fiduciaries and sometimes the Trustees.


While other Internal Trustee training programs address investment practices and plan administration, DirectorsMarketplace’s ESOP Director Training Program includes content related to fiduciary duties, company and plan governance, understanding valuations, Budgets and Forecasts, mergers and acquisitions, and family systems best practices. We also review board processes, roles of the board working with the trustees, and issues that can cause claims against the board or trustees.


Our online approach allows the user to study at their own pace. All of our lessons and tests are available exclusively online, so getting access is much easier and flexible.

What our students say about us..

"Since I am a co-owner of the company, and will have a fiduciary responsibility if we become an ESOP, I wanted to know more about the process and roles. While I had read a number of books from the NCEO about ESOPs, I was motivated to know if I truly understood the process and my fiduciary roles. In our industry, training and testing to affirm knowledge is a requirement. Over a few evenings, I was able to take all 3 courses and found the information valuable, beyond the many books I read about ESOPs. For me, it was about benchmarking my knowledge, and affirming I have good comprehension of the several roles I had. I would recommend this course to people who are new to ESOPs or to those who are fiduciaries and need to meet compliance concerns."

– Co-Owner of a Registered Investment Advisory Firm investigating the
possibility of becoming an ESOP who passed all 3 courses.

"Our firm is very new to the ESOP world and Directors Marketplace/ESOPTraining has been tremendously helpful in providing a solid program for trustees and CEOs to learn the basics through an on-line program tailored specifically for what each position is responsible for. The program was very easy to navigate and what we learned going through the program has been an essential building block in our knowledge-base and development as an ESOP Company. Director’s Marketplace/ESOPTraining has been a difference-maker for our firm in our early stages of understanding the complexities of being an ESOP."

– Mike Rentner, CEO of a 100% ESOP… advising Government Organizations with administrative and financial solutions.

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